Acts 2, Psalm 25


Acts 2 describes events fifty days after Jesus' crucifixion. When Jesus died, His followers were mostly scattered and afraid. Fifty days later, the man who denied our Lord three times preached a sermon that led to the dramatic conversion of over 3,000 people. Not only were those listeners cut to the heart by Peter's sermon, they were deeply converted as evidenced by a radical reorientation of their lives. Acts 2:42-47 sounds almost unbelievable to those that serve and labor under the normal circumstances of church ministry. In that famous passage where people gather regularly for prayer, hearing God's word, breaking bread, and even collecting offerings to help the neediest of believers, we see a glimpse of the way heaven can change us here on earth while we await the coming messiah. Such faithfulness, though often considered radical, is really just evidence they believed God truly saved from the grave consequences of their sins. For they began to enjoy God and their blood bought family in transparent and common ways. When the Holy Spirit breaks in, yes, there is revival. One of the key marks of revival is the free and joyful response that obeys God in everything, especially in the everyday. So, when I pray for revival, I pray for the extraordinary work of the Holy Spirit and I recognize that this will help us live very ordinary lives infused with greater clarity on what really matters. The most essential calling on our life is attending to our friendship with God, fellowshiping with the Lord's people and joining the Spirit in the crucial mission as witnesses of Jesus' death and resurrection. It is no surprise when this is the normal way of life people were added to their number daily (Acts 2:47). May God do something similar in our day!