2 Timothy 1-2:13, Psalm 114


Paul commands Timothy” to fan into flame the gift of God.” (2 Timothy 1:6) What could this gift be besides fire, if it is to grow into a conflagration? Fire, like air and water is a great gift of God, but what Paul has in mind is the “Spirit of God” that “gives us power” ( 2 Timothy 1:7). Though God's Spirit is a gift, it can be unleashed in our lives to various degrees. Besides power, we would expect to see this Spirit grow our love while destroying our timidity. Our Holy Spirit wants to unleash these gifts in our lives. Do you believe you have a fire, the power of God within you? Do you believe the Spirit wants to, metaphorically speaking, engulf you and ignite passion for God's beauty in others? Dear brothers and sisters, fan this fire into flame, for the Spirit of God within us is often compared to flame (Matthew 3:11-12, Acts 2:3-4). The flame does not come from you, but like a campfire needs wood to provide warmth, so we are called to give fuel to the Spirit in our live by giving ourselves daily and completely over to the Spirit's work of warming the world with God's glory. Family fan that flame into wildfire! Spirit consume us so that others cannot mistake your flame for mere emotion, charisma, or temporary zeal. Amen.