2 CORINTHIANS 5:11-7:4, PSALM 72


To be in Christ means that we are completely new creatures. We are not greatly improved versions of ourselves, but something better and different altogether. In the grace of Christ, we are not building our lives around an old foundation that is deteriorating and falling to pieces. Rather, Jesus is our new foundation ensuring the old has passed away and the new has come (2 Corinthians 5:17). Upon becoming new we are also reconciled with God. Our Lord's kindness doesn't stop at making us new or at bringing peace. As former enemies we are also made ambassadors of the God who rescues us. In God's wisdom such ambassadors should be most gracious for we know our own troubles best and the grave problems attending being being at war with God. Such experience with both the old sinful and new Holy creation compels us to offer our Lord's grace with compassion. As ambassadors of heaven we don't proclaim that people primarily need to be better, but rather be reconciled to one who, committing no sin, became sin that we might own His righteousness (2 Corinthians 5:21). Just like we don't deserve God's gracious, bestowed righteousness, we don't deserve to be given such an important stewardship of God's mission either. Rescuing fools in their folly is one thing, but God's choice former enemies entrust the ministry of reconciliation is not, as Paul would say, “worldly wisdom”. Family, do you believe, against all odds, that God intends for his salvation to be made known through you? Do we trust that God is in fact rescuing the world through the appeals of broken but new ambassadors? Our Lord's work seems upside down, doesn't it. I often believe God has better people on his team and many with a message more powerful than what I ever convey. Yet none of this negates God's will to work in all of us. In fact, God is right now reconciling the world through Christ, and through Christ making His appeal to a lost world through this old creation made new.