One benefit of reading the Bible from beginning to end is that it makes the finale that much sweeter. Without a good deal of familiarity with the Old Testament it would be impossible to appreciate Revelation to the fullest. Consider how our reading today alludes to Moses’ song (Revelation 15:3) from Exodus (15:1-18). Certainly adds to our appreciation of how the Exodus prefigures God’s greater rescue in Revelation. To appreciate God’s Holiness unveiled in a sanctuary in Revelation 15, knowing about God’s tabernacle specifications in Leviticus or the particulars of the temple built by Solomon enhance our recognition that God is restoring His people while judging the earth. I have mentioned before how the seven trumpets echo God’s plagues against Egypt and the same is true for these bowls of wrath. God’s story, the story that began in Genesis unfolds through hundreds of years, over three continents with many authors. All of them, yet, are telling the same story of God’s victory and the Lamb whose “righteous acts have been revealed” (Revelation 15:4).