As judgement continues to pour down while angels blow seven trumpets, one Biblical story provides an obvious foundation for the trumpets of wrath. This story is none other than the plagues God rained down on Egypt in the days of Moses. Of course, those were ten plagues, while these are only seven trumpets (in line with the reiteration of the perfect number seven). No matter, the recurrence of waters mired with blood, locusts, hail from the skies and massive amounts of deaths clearly connects the Exodus story with John’s revelation. The message is plain, much of the world in John’s day has become wicked like Egypt. The God of Israel will still come to rescue the chosen people and ultimately bring them into their land of promise. As we will find out, this is the new heavens and new earth (Revelation 21-22). Again, hearkening back to the story of Israel’s leaving Egypt brings comfort to the original predominantly Jewish-Christian audience needing confidence that God would rescue them from their oppressors. Today, we need similar hope. God will rescue us from this present evil age and bring us to the land of promise. Besides the obvious point that God is going to wreak havoc on wicked-doers, we are to draw comfort from the belief that God is leading us out of our own “Egypt”, that is our slavery to sin, and liberation into our glorified state.