Do you want to rest? The author of Hebrews wants to help. Entering and remaining in God’s rest is the writer of Hebrews shorthand for God’s eternal salvation through Jesus the Messiah. How do we enter and remain in this rest? We simply remain true to the Son of God who is superior to Moses. The book of Hebrews assumes the reader has a working knowledge of Israel’s major history. By comparing the original audience’s temptation to lose faith in Jesus with the post-Exodus rebellion in the wilderness that led to many deaths, not mention an entire generation being unable to enter God’s promised land demonstrates the gravity of rejecting God’s savior through disbelief. As wonderful as God’s rescue of Israel from slavery is, nothing compares to the salvation bought by the One who was able to “break the power of him who holds the power of death—that is, the devil” (Hebrews 2:14). Like God expressed the will to give the chosen people rest in a land of promise before the lost out for lack of faith, so we too can miss out on our promised rest. This rest conveys both our momentary communion with Christ and eternal gladness with Jesus in HIs Kingdom. Though we are warned, we are also told how our souls can be at rest in a wearying world. So keep the faith, for in faith you will find rest and peace.