Since a great deal of the material in Luke 8 is covered in other Gospels, I want to point out the interesting fact women were major financial supporters of Jesus’ ministry with the apostles (Luke 8:3). Long before modern desires for occupational equality, Christianity affirmed the value of women and their personal vocations to God’s world-saving plans. No this isn’t a pandering sort of blog post, but one that recognizes the importance of Luke’s details. Women were not treated by Jesus, or the early church as being of secondary importance to the mission of making disciples and bringing hope to a despairing world. Obviously Jesus could find ways to provide everything this mission required, if necessary through miracles, yet it delighted Jesus to be reliant on the provision given by these women through their own labours. We grasp a few simple truths from these facts: both the importance of women and the value God places on offerings made with devoted hearts to our Lord and King. At Agape, we want to be a place that celebrates both male and female and their attendant gifts of masculinity, femininity, ingenuity, and generosity. Jesus showed us how to value male and female both, something we would do well to imitate in our times of common distrust around gender issues. Jesus also taught us that our God delights to utilize faithful offerings, even though the casual reader could easily note Jesus didn’t really require them. Who needs money when scarcity isn’t a thing (see Jesus’ miracles)? Certainly not God, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to give.