Jesus warns people that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, unlike with other sins, will be guilty of unpardonable, eternal sin. (Mark 3:28-29) Given the gravity of this one sin, theories abound about Jesus’ meaning. It really is quite simple. Jesus has been doing great works, and by the power of God’s Holy Spirit. Instead of worship, nay, instead of even run of the mill doubt or questions, some of Jesus’ contemporaries are accusing Jesus of performing these miracles by the power of Satan. These opponents meet Jesus with such unbridled hostility, blind with envy, hatred and the like that they are willing to declare the beautiful work of the Spirit as the deeds of the devil. Such people are so blinded by their hatred of God’s Son revealing they are so far gone no forgiveness will reach them. This sin is great because the accusations and the blindness it takes to come to this point is so great The scriptures speak from time to time about people being given over to their sin (i.e Romans 1:26) as their outright rejection of God is evidenced by increasing evil in their lives. In one sense, their sin is unpardonable because they will refuse to leave it. Jesus likely means something stronger when talking about blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, not simply meaning it will not be forgiven, but rather that it cannot. Still the results will be the same, someone prefers life lived without God’s authority, rather than the life God offers to all that would believe.