When we list the powerful nations in the last few hundred, a few countries usually are mentioned: Russia, China, Japan, Germany, England, France, and of course the United States. No one would mention Egypt. Of course, this did not used to be the case. Egypt was one of the world’s first superpowers and an empire that struck fear in the hearts of surrounding nations for about a thousand years. God promises to destroy Egypt at the hands of Babylon because of their evil and their association with evil Judah. God will make Egypt a “lowly kingdom” and “the lowliest of kingdoms” (Ezekiel 29:14-15). What God promised to do, God did, and Egypt has been a lowlier kingdom now for over 2,500 years. Nations, leaders, powers, and authorities seem great to us, but they are all only on a leash. God alone remains enthroned forever. May we as individuals bow the knee, and may our nation view itself with proper humility, recognizing that like any other great and powerful people, our country is far more vulnerable to implode and weaken than we think. Having said that, we pray, God protect us from ruin, but protect us most of all from as your people, the church, from rejecting your purposes in our lives. Amen