God always levels the playing field. Judah, and to a lesser extent Israel, have been the focus of God’s warnings of gloom and doom. These children of Abraham have rejected their responsibility as God’s people and God will not suffer such rampant rebellion. As the Lord judges the people chosen as a blessing to the nations, the surrounding peoples scoff. Though God is judging Judah and Israel, this doesn’t mean those nations are off the hook. In fact, God deplores their insults of His chosen people. Like Ammon, Moab, and Edom, it is easy for us to imagine when others are suffering for their sins that they deserve scorn. For those that understand how the cross levels the playing field, seeing someone suffer for wrongdoing should do the opposite. We all deserve to suffer for sin and our particular sins, but we do not bear their weight as justice would demand. So when we see the misery of sin in others, let that not be an occasion to scorn or be proud, but to grieve the consequences of disregarding our Lord. Were it not for the grace of God, we would all be ruined. So we pray, God, let that truth seep into how we relate to sinners as God’s church, full of sinners saved by grace.