I fear for any generation that believes justice is possible without worship of the true God. Typically I don’t take up this blog with social or philosophical discussion because I have such small space to make or defend controversial arguments. My argument isn’t that an atheist has to care little about justice, but rather that whenever we see idolatry in scripture, injustice is always there as well. Ezekiel 22 is made up of God listing many of Israel’s grave sins against each other interconnected with idolatrous practices. We should not be surprised to see, for example. priests reject God and mistreat widows, for such disregard of God leads to disregard of God’s image bearers. For sure, people can, for different reasons, have a fairly reliable moral compass that leads them while having very mistaken views about the Lord. However, scripture is clear that without the Lord’s intervention even the best of us, believer or non-believer, has a default concern to make ourselves #1 in the universe which leads subsequently to injustice towards others. So it isn’t just the non-believer that needs to beware of idolatry, but the believer as well. This is shown by Israel’s propensity to fall into injustice the minute they forsake their God.