We see more repetitions in Ezekiel with a phrase used often in Ezekiel 14. When God speaks of the wickedness of idolatry God describes idolatry with this phrase: “set up idols in their hearts”. When I read this I questioned if God is implying that the idols these elders and other Israelites worshipped were merely spiritual and not physical. No scholar I read commented on that phrase, so I am left to guess a bit, but I think that the answer is beside the point. Physical idols and idols that we worship in our minds can captivate our hearts, the center of our will and desires. The problem with any object of worship that is not God comes when it captures our hearts. There is nothing less suitable to God’s creatures, and especially God’s chosen people than that their hearts be supremely captivated by anything made by the Lord of Hosts. The evil of such idolatry is so great that it brings the harshest judgement from God. In our world, where so many people treat religion as a personal, mostly innocuous choice, as God’s people we must show in our worship and invitation the necessity of worshipping YHWH alone.