Both Ezekiel 6 and 7 end with this line, “Then they will know that I am the Lord.” Both of these chapters describe God’s promises to move in wrath against Judah including descriptions of this judgement. God’s blessings for Israel wasn’t enough over the centuries for them to pursue knowledge and fidelity with their Maker. So they will find out about God’s character the hard way. I always tell people, “There are children that learn fire is hot by believing their parents, and there are children that find out by touching the fire.” Israel is going to learn that God is not mocked by playing with fire. God’s wrath against evil is pure and good, for evil must be addressed by any truly loving God. That much is straightforward. Like fire keeps us warm, and helps us cook food, so God’s fiery wrath against evil will protect our world from being plunged into disarray. With that in mind, we pray, “God allow us learn through faith the blessings of trusting You at your word, rejecting the power of sin, and experiencing your goodness through obedient trust!”