Babylon is God’s instrument of  judgement on Judah. Now God promises Babylon will be defeated by armies from the north. When this happens the people of Judah will make their way back to Jerusalem. If nations rise up, only to fall, why do we invest so much in civilizations, governments, and ordering our lives in societies? God is not against nations or civilizations because they are inherently evil, but because civilizations and nations show a tendency, especially in times of victory and dominance to work evil and ignore God. So it is not against civilization, government, and nation-building that we should invest our energies, but rather that gradual tendency individuals and peoples have to neglect such a great God along with such a great salvation. As the church, we have the special responsibility of guarding the truth about God and the Gospel.  May our focus remain preserving the truth of and proclamation about the Gospel. That is the best contribution we can make to whatever nation or civilization to which we belong.