Perhaps you are weary of reading about God’s judgement on Israel and the nations. Even our author seems to relate when he says, ““‘Alas, sword of the Lord, how long till you rest? Return to your sheath; cease and be still.’ (Jeremiah 47:6) Now why is Jeremiah so concerned that God relent? After all, these are former or current enemies of Israel God is judging. Jeremiah realizes that God’s judgement on all the earth doesn’t exclude Israel simply because of God’s choice to set them apart for blessings. Jeremiah has learned the hard way that the justice of God will not overlooks any nation’s evil. So Jeremiah realizes that his people are more like Egypt, the Philistines, Babylon, and others in deserving God’s just cleansing for sins. Everyone, all nations are indicted in the great evils of humanity. Jeremiah isn’t simply pleading for others, but for all those like him, that is all under the power of sin, irrespective of geographical boundaries. Still, Jeremiah understands that God’s justice cannot ignore evil, and acknowledges that the “sword of the Lord”, a metaphor for God’s protecting and purifying works, will finish God’s work (Jeremiah 47:6). If we groan against the judgement of the Lord, let us groan all the more through prayer that God would undo the power of sin in our world!