Occasionally when God speaks judgement against nations, it sound like taunting. This is especially the effect of Jeremiah 46:3-12. At first, this section seems to be encouraging Egypt to prepare for battle (Jeremiah 46:3-4) only to show how rising up for war will merely spell defeat. Egypt is ridiculed for her pride and told to charge into a battle that they will lose at the hands of God, the Lord Almighty (Jeremiah 46:9-10). This rhetoric is deserved as we find that Egypt had been a nation to taunt other nations, believing they would, “rise and cover the earth” and “destroy their cities” (Jeremiah 46:8). God will never overlook pride, bullying, or meanness on the earth. Even the greatest superpowers, and the largest forces of darkness will be laid low below the might arm of God. Such judgement is good news for the vulnerable and defeated of this world. May we delight in the God that can protect the mistreated.