God has determined that the time for judgment is near! His covenant with His people has been shattered. Their worship and allegiance to Baal is beyond shameful. Jeremiah’s message of repentance and obedience is met with a conspiracy to kill him. They want him silenced. The Lord’s message, ”Obey My Voice,” was stubbornly ignored as Jeremiah faithfully called out to God’s people.

They had no ears to hear or hearts to respond; they would have none of it! Jeremiah is told not to pray for the people; disaster is at their doorstep. He recognizes that God is righteous, that He acts out what is fair and correct, but his situation overwhelms him, and he laments and complains to God. Everything is coming to ruin. The evildoers believe that God will not see their end (12:4).  Their arrogance is astounding. They are determined to survive on their own. An amazing statement from the Lord ensues: ”I will abandon my heritage.” The impact of how that unfolds is devastating.

Wrath is never God’s final word to His covenant people. He will pluck Judah from the land, but in time He will have compassion on them and will restore not only their heritage but all those nations who will listen and learn His ways.

Psalm 11 reminds us: “The Lord is in His Holy Temple…the upright shall behold His face.”