By now, you know why Jeremiah was predicting God’s judgement on Israel. This chapter is probably one of the most vivid pictures of the destruction that is awaiting Israel: the destruction of her fortresses. God has warned Israel endlessly that if they did not repent from their sin, He would punish them. They did not listen, and God finally sent other nations to destroy them. In this particular chapter, the nation God chose to punished is already in the land. Jeremiah continued to warn them to flee (Jeremiah 6:1-8). They chose not to listen. They are indifferent to God’s word, and His word offends them (6:9-15).

Our world is not too different from Israel. They hear the message of Hell and remain indifferent. They say Hell does not exist, or say that the Christian message is offensive. They don’t fear because they don’t believe it’s true. They are not ashamed of their sin (6:15). They would rather listen to the wrong message.

God never gives up. He is still pursuing them (6:16). Israel were supposed to be in awe of God holiness and power; instead they were stubborn in their ways. God warns us against sin. We must be in awe of God’s wonder and run from sin. When we sin, we offend God and hurt ourselves.

David reflects on God’s character and says “what is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?” (Psalm 8:4). How can a God who is so majestic, mighty and holy care so much for sinful man? We must think on that. Unlike Israel and like the psalmist we should be in awe of God’s glory. We should fall on our knees and worship.