Twice in the first two verses of Isaiah 62, Isaiah speaks of Zion’s “vindication”. What does Isaiah mean by choosing this word? The nations have ridiculed both Israel and God during their times of exile under the Assyrians and the Babylonians. When Isaiah speaks of Zion’s vindication, of course he means that Zion will one day prove to be God’s bride (Isaiah 62:5). At the same time, God will also vindicate both the Lord’s power and love in rescuing Zion from her mockers. This vindication will include reward for Zion, but also judgment for the mocking nations (Isaiah 63:3-6). The book of Revelation takes this image of God treading the “winepress of the nations” and vindicates Jesus, the lamb who took the judgment of our sins, as God’s servant who will move in judgement against opposing nations and kings.

Ultimately, Jesus will be vindicated by God in resurrection, will Himself vindicate God’s faithful, and thus vindicate God’s saving purposes in the world. For this reason, we delight in the name of God, for in it comes our protection and ultimate vindication for trusting in Christ in “this present evil age” (see Titus 2:12).