“There is no peace,” says the Lord, “for the wicked” (Isaiah 48:22). God’s bald statement does not include caveats or exceptions. The wicked will have no peace. On the face of it, God has just been describing His complete opposition to those practicing evil, so He could simply mean that there is no peace for the wicked with Him. This is certainly true and the most important part of what God means.

One could also say that there is no internal peace for the wicked, and no peace with others for the wicked. The wicked cannot be trusted and are unable to trust others, for they often fear that others are just like them. Add to this that God has given us consciences that make us feel appropriate guilt and shame when we do wrong, and we see that a person cannot be at peace with themselves while behaving wickedly.

Truly we can have no peace while pursuing evil. Thus, God is kind to call us to pursue righteousness, that we might know the peace that He gives. Today, pursue the kindness of God by enjoying the peace of a clear conscience, washed in the blood of the lamb.