Isaiah 46:1-7 succinctly presents the problems with placing our hopes in anyone or anything but God. Of course, this passage speaks directly about the making of wooden or stone images that would be worshipped. Making them, carrying them, and sacrificing to them would cost energy, time, and resources. Unfortunately, the work involved in this idolatry would not be met with reciprocal compensation. These gods could not save in times of trouble.

The truth is that placing our time and energy into our jobs will inevitably frustrate; our riches will certainly be left to another, or our images will unfortunately be impossible to maintain. Basic theological economics tells us that only one person is worthy of our sacrifices: the God who is no burden at all but can carry all of our burdens. Though this might seem simple, for some reason we prefer to the costlier, disappointing route of idolatry. Why are our hearts prone to such folly? Sufficient answers to this question are beyond today’s post. It is enough to say: let us turn our hearts in faith to the True God, who alone can carry our burdens.