Today we celebrate a birth. This birth is the dawning of a new age. Isaiah 44:1-3 spells out that, in this new age, God will give life in the midst of death and will multiply the descendants of Israel to fill the earth like grass fills a meadow. In fact, people will just claim the name of God’s people and it will be so, irrespective of their lineage.

The birth of Christ gives birth to the age where God pours His spirit out upon His people, and through their message the Spirit is poured out on others to believe in Christ. Today, God’s people fill the entire globe from China to Canada, from Ghana to Guatemala. Even by the most conservative estimates, there are likely ten times more Christians in the world today than there were people on the planet in the day of Isaiah. God has been faithful to fulfill his promises.

The story of God filling His planet with His worshippers is not yet complete, and so we continue to rejoice today, in the age where we are recipients of the Spirit poured out. As the Spirit of God gave birth to Christ at Christmas (Luke 1:35), so Christ sends the Spirit into the world to teach us about Christ (John 16:5-7). Though it is a cliché, Christ truly did give us the gift promised in Isaiah that keeps on giving. Merry Christmas to the world.