Isaiah 34 & 35 present a vision of the end of the world. God will defeat His enemies (Isaiah 34:4); all nations will be summoned to judgement (Isaiah 34:1-2), and many will face grave consequences (Isaiah 34:3). On the other hand, those who have been overlooked, the weak and the oppressed, will find strength in the judgments of God (Isaiah 35:3). Jesus alludes to this passage when questioned by John the Baptist’s disciples about His identity as messiah (see Luke 7:18-23). Jesus intends for John the Baptist to understand that He is indeed the messiah to come, having proved it by healing the blind, sick, and lame. Still, Isaiah 34 & 35 await complete fulfillment in the next age.

In the meantime, let us delight and hope as a humble people who will wear everlasting crown of joy for our heads (Isaiah 35:10). As opposed to judgement overtaking us, we are promised “gladness and joy will overtake them.” If I am to be overtaken, let it be with joy and gladness. Amen.