Today ends the Shulammite woman’s dream. How do we know she is still dreaming? Well, she tells us again that she “slept” but that her “heart was awake” (Song of Songs 5:2). In this dream, she again imagines having her beloved approach her at home, only to find him missing when trying to let him in. This time, as she goes seeking her beloved, she is beaten during the search (Song of Songs 5:7). After this strange event, which reflects her inner fears of losing the love or relationship with her beloved, she tells the daughters of Jerusalem to help her declare her passion for this man. As a chorus, they ask about why this guy is so great. To this she ends her dream describing why he is so dreamy.

Sorry, I had to say that.

Anyway, again we see how much romantic love can fill one’s minds with both thoughts or emotions that are hopeful or irrational, excited or fearful. Love is complicated, and this woman’s dream reveals a great deal about her hopes and fears. I find her thoughts and feelings relatable. But what does this have to do with the message of scripture about God and the world’s salvation?

Song of Solomon helps us consider the way God wired us with sexual drives that reflect to us something of God’s delight in us and vice versa. There is still a lesson that this book has been driving at, that I believe will become clearer in tomorrow’s reading.