As the woman continues to dream, her dreams are about the beloved delighting in her and her body. Simple allegorical interpretations of the meaning of this passage break down. This woman is specific in describing her dream of being the apple of her beloved’s eye.

We are left to wonder about the purpose of such sexual imagery in the Bible. We can say the writers of Song of Songs intend to portray the intensity and excitement surrounding romance and marital sex. I would add that this particular chapter has some important insights for men in general, but husbands particularly. This dream reflects a normal feminine desire to be cherished completely by her beloved. Husbands need to remember that it is important, in every single way, to make their wives feel valued and cherished. Men and women are different, and most women feel loved most when their spouse is exuberant about them.

This chapter conveys some of the importance of the whole book for modern audiences. Song of Solomon is a helpful teacher for men and women in how to relate romantically and maritally. Thus, the wise listen to what it teaches.