Job finally gets his trial before God. Job is on the stand as God begins with a number of questions. It is important at the outset to note that God mentions absolutely nothing about the behind-the-scenes wager between God and the accuser. Of course, God doesn’t even begin to explain to Job how the Lord is both good and allows evil. Instead of accusations, God’s questions cause Job to marvel at the One who creates and upholds the universe. Job will also have nothing to say in response.

God’s defense isn’t a defense; rather, His barrage of questions invites Job (and us) to surrender our pretension of deep wisdom and understanding. We certainly haven’t seen “the gates of death” (Job 38:17) or “the way to the abode of light” (Job 38:19). Nor do we give strength to the horse or “clothe its neck with mane” (Job 39:19). God is not insulting Job or the reader, but rather inviting us into deeper appreciation of how little we comprehend in order to fully value God’s infinite wisdom. Job is left grasping for words, but God still has more to say.