Job poetically questions how to find wisdom. Since people go digging inside of the earth for precious jewels, Job wonders how we can gain wisdom, something more valuable than rubies (Job 1:18). Though Solomon is much more famous for similar reflections on wisdom, one might wonder whether Job influenced Solomon’s thoughts. One thing is for certain: they both agree on the definition of wisdom, “To fear the Lord” (Job 28:28, see also Proverbs 9:10).

We can search far and wide for wisdom, but Job teaches us that the only way to find it is through reverence and awe at God’s greatness. In speaking of wisdom this way, Job teaches his friends that he is no fool and that they would be very wrong to accuse him of lacking a healthy fear of God. May we learn from Job and seek wisdom today by asking God to show us both His majesty and the depth of our dependence on Him.