* Pastor Jeremiah is taking a break for this week in writing the daily blog to accompany your reading. Kesny S. is our guest writer for yesterday’s blog post. Because of some technical difficulties, his blog is being retroactively posted today.

Have you ever been misunderstood and been judged for things you never did? I assure you God is on your side and will prove you are innocent in due time. Maybe you are judging God for not helping your accuser see that they are wrong about you. It can be very frustrating for being punished for something you never did. In this chapter, Eliphaz has some good things to say, for examples in Job 22:1-2, but he is also wrong in Job 22:4-11. Now is not the right time for theological speculation. What Job needs now is comforting, and what Eliphaz needs to do is listen. He needs to hear job’s story, his cry, his pain, and his complaint.

Sometimes, good intention doesn’t always produce a good result. Our theological lecture would not elevate the pain. We will never fully understand God, especially when it comes to human suffering. Job and his friends have the worldview that only the wicked suffer. To Job, his suffering is unfair (Job 4:1-7), but to his friends, it is a good chance he deserves it (Job 5:1-3, 8:3-6). It is through his suffering Job would later discover some profound things about God, the distortion of his theology (Job 42:1-3). He learned then no one is righteous (Job 40:4-5), and suffering comes to all because we live in a fallen world. Maybe your friend is suffering. You don’t know how to help. Listen to his story, ask questions and seek his comfort. You can lead him to hope and help him find meaning in his suffering. Maybe if you are suffering, be assured that God hears your cry. He can make your suffering your greatest strength.