* Pastor Jeremiah is taking a break for this week in writing the daily blog to accompany your reading. Scott A. is our guest writer for today’s blog post.

Why do good people suffer, and why do evil people succeed?

Zophar provides a simple answer in Job 20. To him, Job’s destruction is from Job’s sin. Earlier, he implored Job to repent of it, yet he just won’t! Eloquently and viscerally, Zophar describes how God punishes the godless person with wrath and destruction, and Job’s lot right now only proves that he’s a bad guy.
It’s certainly an easy answer, isn’t it? It’s wrong, though. In Job 21, Job reminds him (and us!) of the reality of the world. The wicked sometimes do prosper. It is safe to say we probably know someone who has had great fortune but is just an awful person. God’s grace is deeper and greater than what we think it should be.

Don’t lose heart, though. Justice may feel delayed, but it is coming. The wicked will receive the cup of God’s wrath on the final day. Praise God that he gave us Jesus to save us, whom were of the wicked! Today, invite your friends and family who don’t know Jesus to feast on His love, that they avoid this judgement and enter into God’s love.