* Pastor Jeremiah is taking a break for this week in writing the daily blog to accompany your reading. Audrey E. is our guest writer for today’s blog post.

The “you” in Job 19:2 is plural. Job’s plea is to all his friends, not just Bildad. “Ten times” in verse 3 figuratively represents ten speeches by friends so far. Verse 6: God is the hunter with Job in the net. Verse 7: God is an unsympathetic passerby ignoring Job’s cries for help. Justice escapes Job (19:5-12). Verses 19:13-20 detail three kinds of relationships turned against him. His subordinates now show contempt. Guests who once received Job’s kindness refuse to show the same to him. Lastly, friends and family abandon him. Everyone he thought he could count on treats him with disdain. In verses 21-22, Job makes a plea to his friends for pity, then turns from them to His Redeemer. Now the crux of the passage unfolds with Job’s declaration, “I know my Redeemer lives…” Job believes his Redeemer is his witness in heaven and will vindicate him as in a court of law. “In his flesh” (Job 19:26) is a reference to a resurrected body. Job clings to truth and fills his heart with faith. His words were written down as he desired and have reassured countless suffering believers through the centuries with hope beyond the grave. See Dan. 12:2; Isa 26:19.