* Pastor Jeremiah is taking a break for this week in writing the daily blog to accompany your reading. Mollie H. is our guest writer for today’s blog post.

Job has had enough of his exasperating friends! He is turning away from their perspective and towards the God who holds his life. His lament to God is agonizing; he spares no details as he describes to God the effects of what He has done to him. His assertion of innocence is unwavering. Job pours out his heart to God in grief and pain, begging for vindication. His idea of a mediator who hears his cries and will be his witness, of course, reminds us of the Lord Jesus. His emotions switch from God, the adversary, to God, his pledge and security.  Job struggles to deal with God, and in this section, he seems to be seeing God in a new way as he desperately appeals to Him. Job’s friends think he is bound for the grave but he refuses to be robbed of hope.  “Where then is my hope? Who will see my hope?” God sees Job and hears his lament! It is a matter of trust in the character of God that holds us and Job together!