It is strange to think that a king would know so little about the queen he loves that he would issue a decree to exterminate her entire ethnic group, yet this is the situation in which Esther finds herself. When Esther asks her cousin and adoptive father Mordecai about the problem he faces, he tells her the entire story. Note how Mordecai sees the hand of God and communicates this to Esther.

First, Mordecai confidently asserts that God will deliver the Jewish people somehow. Secondly, Mordecai helps Esther to see the need for her to take the risk of asking the king to change his mind. Mordecai declares it possible Esther has “come to the kingdom for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). Mordecai sees God’s hand at work and calls Esther to courage lest she and her family die. Esther will not automatically find favor in the king’s eyes; if she fails to please the king, she might die.

Through prayer and fasting, Esther is strengthened to see that this is her moment. She is given wisdom on how to act, and God uses her to combat the complete destruction of her people. To God be the glory for raising up people in the right times and places.