I hate to begin a blog post with a caveat, but I really must say something. I have never watched “The Bachelor”. Still, as I was thinking about the process for replacing Queen Vashti, my mind reflected that this show could have looked to Ahasuerus and his officials for a script. It is shocking to me that we live in a culture where the process of replacing Vashti would be deplorable to many of us, yet we endure entertainment built on the same principles.

In any case, Esther’s situation reveals that God’s people find themselves in the midst of a wicked people. Esther and Mordecai must navigate the evil days in which they live, as exiles in a foreign land. We do well to pay attention in the upcoming readings for cues on how to live as exiles in confusing and evil times. As the church, we live in a world where “The Bachelor” and all of its misogynist and perverse trappings seem normal to so many. To that end, I pray that we are helped by Esther and Mordecai as we consider how they were shining lights in their dark days.