Josiah embraces the law as the unique commands and covenants from the God of the universe. Upon hearing the law read and tearing his robes, Josiah feared the consequences due to generations rejecting God’s laws. Josiah enquires of God’s prophets about Judah’s fate. Unfortunately, Judah, like Israel, has sealed their fate long before Josiah’s time. Josiah will be spared the destruction due Judah, but ultimately, they will face the promised curses for spiritual adultery. Even Josiah’s repentance and what is likely a more widespread returning to God cannot allay Judah’s fate.

This does not, however, negate God’s favor towards Josiah. God tells Josiah the truth through the prophet Huldah. Still, Josiah is so upright, even with bad news from God, he refuses to dishonor His Creator. May we have a similar posture, that we would love and obey God even when we know this will not change God’s mind to act in ways for our preferences. Such is the way the righteous live.