If you have any Jewish friends, chances are that they celebrate their holidays. Passover is still a big deal to even non-religious Jews. Today as we read about Hezekiah’s many reforms, he majorly emphasizes Israel’s call to celebrate Passover as one people. They have gone years without observing one of their central celebrations due to lack of emphasis, and one can infer from the passage that a lack of priestly leadership played a role (see rationale for delaying Passover one month in 2 Chronicles 30:3).

Hezekiah recognizes the importance of Passover observance not just to obey, but also to turn hearts back to God, and the king throws a massive celebration in God’s honor. Christians, when we gather to celebrate God’s goodness, we do so in obedience (see Hebrews 10:25), but also to be formed as a people.