Yesterday’s reading made a big deal out of Ahaziah and Joash surviving enemies from both outside of Judah and inside of the royal family. Today we see some of the resolution of those narratives.

God has providentially preserved David’s lineage. In sparing David’s line and giving the throne to Joash, God raises up through Joash’s leadership short-term spiritual vitality in Israel. Unfortunately, after Joash returns Judah to proper worship in his youth, he yet again turns from God in his latter days, honoring idols and persecuting God’s prophet Zechariah. The cycle of Judah’s growth and declines goes on and on.

This leads me to ask a few questions: “What does it take to for God’s people to turn as one to God with heart, soul, and mind?” “When God’s people finally return to God in holy worship, how can this posture be maintained for generations?” These questions do not find easy resolutions in the scriptures. As we live with the tension of wanting to honor God, see others love Jesus, and to pass our love onto future generations, let’s pray for God’s grace to sustain His church in Chicago.