When the Moabites and Ammonites come to attack Jehoshaphat and Judah, the king calls his people to fast and seek God’s face. Israel, at its best, knew that fasting from food as recognition of their dependence upon God was their wisest course in hard times.

Do we have such wisdom? Jesus taught His disciples both then and now how to avoid hypocrisy while fasting (Matthew 6:16-17) and that we ought fast between His ascension and return (Mark 2:19-20). When was the last time you fasted from food to seek God’s face? I encourage you that when practiced in scripture, this discipline is met with favor for those fasting. Most importantly, when we fast, we feel in our body how much we need God and also how lost we would be without His provision. Church, avail yourselves of the gift of fasting that you might feast on Jesus’ love.