For many of us, finishing strong will be the most important part of the legacy we leave behind. Asa’s faithfulness to God in his youth gave way to distrust in God’s power at the end of his life. After calling Judah and even some of Israel back to God (see 2 Chronicles 15:9), Asa in fear of defeat makes an unholy alliance with the King of Aram. God is displeased because Asa witnessed God’s ability to defeat great enemies in the past (2 Chronicles 16:7-8) and yet would rather trust the strength of men over the strength of God. Add to this, after Hanani the seer confronts Asa on his failure to trust God, instead of repenting, Asa punishes Hanani.

What a shame Asa chose this route. We witness another king of Judah end his life with a major stain on his record because of a poor ending. God help us all to live in ways that will help us to finish well.