Do you remember when Solomon prayed for wisdom instead of great riches or might? Today we see that God, in addition to wisdom, has entrusted Solomon with the wealth and strength he did not pray for. 2 Chronicles 8 relates that Solomon conscripted servants of other nations (8:7) and that Israel had enough people to rebuild fortified cities that could house horses and chariots (8:5-6). Solomon has enough wealth to build a home for his wife, Pharaoh’s daughter, so that the ark of God is respected. Solomon has even mustered people to sail with foreign nations and bring back wealth from afar (2 Chronicles 8:17).

Solomon has gained incredible riches, and his reign marks a high point in Israel’s military power and comparative wealth. Here God is showing how much he is able to bless those who honor YHWH. May all readers take note of what God can do, and also what he willed to do for Israel in their times of obedience.