What is the importance of naming the musicians, gatekeepers, and treasurers in 1 Chronicles 25-26? Most of our names will never line the history books, which will focus on the likes of Obama and Trump, or Gates and Zuckerberg. Certainly, David and Solomon are the famous names at the end of 1 Chronicles. But God’s call to Israel to be a nation of worshippers that invites the nations to worship YHWH demands hundreds of thousands of people to do the work of building a nation and culture. Even though we will not remember these names, they were instrumental in accomplishing tasks essential to temple worship, managing finances, and protecting God’s people. God values their work, and these scriptures corroborate their importance to God’s great plans.

Today, most of us will go to work doing the essential tasks of providing for ourselves, families, and improving the fortunes of our employers, church, and nation. We will do so without much fanfare or recognition. Our work, however, is seen by God, and that is far more important than having a famous name.