In light of yesterday’s reading on God’s promise to David to fill his throne forever, it is fitting that today we turn to Psalm 45, which memorializes a wedding. Many suppose the occasion is Solomon’s wedding to the daughter of Pharaoh, though we cannot be certain. We do know without a doubt the king is in David’s line, for the Sons of Korah were devoted to the southern kingdom, Judah.

Whatever the case, this particular psalm has quite the history of interpretation because of verses 6-7. In the middle of praising the newly married king, this psalm turns to praise God and His eternal heavenly throne. Therefore, some have suggested that this song was intended in the first place to celebrate the Messiah dwelling on David’s eternal throne. The author of Hebrews certainly applies these two verses to Jesus (Hebrews 1:8-9) and Isaiah looks forward to a Messiah who will be called “Everlasting” (Isaiah 9:6).

Even though we can look back at this psalm and see an application to the greatest in the line of David, that does not mean the psalm did not initially focus on one of David’s heirs. Remember that all scripture prepares us for Jesus. Some scriptures do so by speaking of characters who some teachers call “types”, those who give a picture of who Jesus is in totality. This psalm declares of this king that “grace is poured upon your lips” (Psalm 45:2), and certainly this is most true of our savior.