1 Chronicles 17 repeats much of the content in 2 Samuel 7. God’s promises to David, given through Nathan, form the foundation for Israel’s future prayers. When Israel, and especially Judah, cry out in prayer years later during their subsequent tragedies, they appeal to God’s promises to David, which remind Israel that God’s reputation is still at stake in delivering, purifying, and strengthening Israel to fulfill them.

Moreover, 1 Chronicles 17 reveals God’s will for Israel. Here I use the word “will” to mean something like bestowing an inheritance. The writer of Chronicles intends to call the original audience to remember all that God wants to give them and do for them that they might be inspired to live as God’s people. God’s will for Israel invites them to be a generation that returns to God to receive His blessings. Returning to God requires hope for a good result, and 1 Chronicles 17 lays out the good results God intends for David’s line and the people of God.

Today, we also receive promises about turning to God in repentance. For example, by returning we will be in step with the Spirit (Galatians 5:16, Ephesians 4:30), and we are able, even now, to experience a taste of the eternal life offered us in fellowship with Jesus (John 17:3). God’s “will” for His people is still clear. Agapé, let us hear God’s will for us, and let that be an opportunity to return to Him in faith and repentance today.