Every word of scripture is beneficial to our growth, sustenance, and worship (2 Timothy 3:16), but we don’t enjoy reading all scriptures the same way. I discipline myself to reflect on the genealogies of 1 Chronicles because it helps me understand God’s story, and thus my story, better. In contrast, I have a blast reading the stories of David and his mighty men. These individuals are larger than life and reflect God’s providential hand upon David’s reign in surrounding him with such allies. With these stories, I am glued to the page.

Even as I enjoy reading, I cannot help but reflect that a much greater king would be surrounded by not-so-mighty men. Years later, when Jesus is in need of aid, his closest friends desert Him. When Jesus lacks water on the cross, only enemies surround Him to offer vinegar and gall. As favored as David is, Jesus is God’s shining star. Why, then, such a contrast in the friendly support these two receive?

God provides what David lacks by surrounding Him with mighty men, without whom David would certainly be lost. With Jesus, God shows us what we all lack in courage and constancy and thus provides the true mighty Man for us. Instead of mighty men, Jesus is surrounded by traitors, deserters, and the faithless so that all of us could be rescued by the one able to save from the death, the one and only Almighty Jesus. Now Jesus is surrounded by men and women that he is making mighty in the Spirit, including us, so that Jesus will have even a greater victory.

When we worship as one, we do so with brothers and sisters who are weak in the body, but in Christ are made mightier than the mighty men of David. Instead of defeating Philistines, in Christ, we have victory over Satan and sin, and even death will not take us in the end. Thank God that we have in Christ not mighty men, but the Almighty for us, with us, and in us.