David prays in anguish and credits (blames?) God for the suffering he faces in our psalm reading. David declares that God’s “hand has come down on me,” and “because of your wrath, there is no health in my body.” God isn’t the only one David recognizes for his suffering, as he confesses, “My wounds fester and are loathsome because of my sinful folly.” There is no contradiction when David sings both of God’s judgement and discipline upon him as well as of his own culpability in his suffering. Both are true. Though David realizes his role and God’s in this suffering, David also declares that only one person can grant relief as he cries out, “Come quickly to help me, my Lord and Savior.”

We might get ourselves into a pit while God’s hand places us there, but there is only one person who can relieve the torments we face. Instead of leaning on your strength and ingenuity if you are in pain, frustrated, bewildered, or losing hope, today cry out to your Lord and Savior to rescue you. Your sins, the sins of others, or the suffering due a sinful world all operate under God’s control and form part of our frustration. God and God alone can operate on our behalf to give us the salvation, love, and safety we all need. Seek Him today, for God alone can give.