Oh, that more people would respond to God’s word like Josiah! When Josiah has the words of the law read to him, he knows exactly what to do. God’s laws have been disobeyed, the covenant dishonored, and Judah faces judgement at the hands of God. Josiah responds with conviction and destroys all of Judah’s idols and all remnants of their spiritual adultery.

Really, this is how any rational person should respond to the words of God, the One who delivered Israel out of Egypt and brought them to the land of promise. However, many kings and many children of Israel before Josiah did not heed God’s law in this way. Today, many people claim to believe that the Bible is the word of God, but they do not read it, and if we read it we do not obey it. Our hearts are not stirred by the scriptures, and we do not cry out for mercy and respond with repentance at revelation of sin.

Today I pray that God would move hearts to heed God’s word at Agapé Chicago like Josiah responds to God’s law. Might God move us with conviction of sin and with desire to rid ourselves of all infidelity towards our God and King.