My father and I look very similar. So similar that on two separate occasions I have been in public and people have walked up to me and said, “You are Bill’s son.” Indeed, I am. You can imagine my surprise of being identified in a moment that I was not expecting. Now put yourself in Jeroboam’s wife’s shoes. She has traveled far from home and disguised her appearance. She arrives to her destination and a blind man, who has never met her, calls out her name upon hearing her footsteps. That blind man was a prophet of the Lord named Ahijah and he informs Jeroboam’s wife that her son will die upon her return home. This is a result of the house of Jeroboam following other gods instead of the Lord.

The Lord is slow to anger, but the fastest way to kindle His anger is idolatry. To the people of Israel, the events in 1 Kings 14 might seem like an untimely death and political instability, but as readers, we have the understanding that this is the direct judgment of God on the nation for idolatry. Meanwhile, His direction is clear: follow Him and Him alone. The Christian life is not so much about what you do, but that you are faithful to God in whatever you do.