In our time in Proverbs, we saw that wisdom comes from the fear of the Lord, from dwelling in the Lord’s words and statues. I find the progression from 1 Kings 10 to 11 ironic and deeply humbling.

In chapter 10, the Queen of Sheba is so utterly astonished by Solomon’s wisdom that she delivers gifts upon gifts to him and Israel. Solomon has been richly blessed with knowledge, fortune, and fame beyond imagination. Surely, he of all people would remember how God has blessed him and not go astray! Yet even with all his wisdom, Solomon collects foreign wives, despite God’s warning that they would lead him away from God. Unsurprisingly, he pursues foreign gods, and the golden age of Israel begins to crumble.

We are not brought to faith in Christ by our own plans or deeds, but by the grace of God alone. Like David in Psalm 9, we need to continually remember the Lord’s work, praise Him for his wondrous deeds, and ask for His grace in sustaining our faith. Only in this can we avoid Solomon’s folly. Today, take some time to remember God’s provision and majesty, and praise Him.