Have you ever heard someone say the Bible is mostly metaphorical? I hope none of us would say something that does such injustice to the scriptures we have been reading. David does, however, write an extended metaphor to describe God’s actions on behalf of Israel. Note what a metaphor actually looks like. We read lines like, “Out of the brightness of his presence bolts of lightning blazed forth.”

David is using this imagery to describe God’s powerful work in delivering Israel from enemies through works that confound simple explanation. In Israel’s battles, we do not read of the events found in 2 Samuel 22:7-20 precisely because David is not trying to explain literal space-time events.

Rather, David is reflecting on the greatness of God and how God’s intervention from heavenly realms might appear to human eyes if we could behold all that God does. Take time to re-read 2 Samuel 22:7-20 and enjoy David’s imaginative descriptions of God’s mysterious power and works–a power that has delivered David despite all odds. David is obviously enamored with God’s greatness. I pray for Agapé Chicago to be likewise mesmerized by God.