How many of us would ever pray like Agur does about wealth? I cannot fathom ever saying to God, “give me neither poverty nor riches” (Proverbs 30:8). Of course, I would pray against poverty, but my assumption is that I would do just fine with riches, thank you very much.

The truth is, however, in acquiring wealth or through having wealth, God is relegated to an inferior priority in the vast majority of cases. While gaining wealth, many work longer hours, increase their pace, and neglect most everything save their goals for upward mobility. Those that have wealth–either by gaining it through work or kind circumstances–learn to depend upon themselves.

Though I might want to simply pray for God to give me neither poverty or ill-gotten riches, I think it is important for me to assess often how much I live for money. I think we all need to take a step back on regular occasions and reflect on our relationship towards wealth. As we do, way we see the wisdom in recognizing the spiritual benefits for our lives of enjoying moderate amounts of money and possessions.