Absalom chases David out of Jerusalem, and as David flees he has a few interesting encounters. Today I will focus on David’s interaction with Ittai the Gittite. A Gittite is someone from Gath, the very home of Goliath himself. As David is forced out of town by his son Absalom, you would think that the Gittites would revel in David’s shame. Yet these foreigners show a loyalty to David that reminds us of the loyalty which Ruth, a Moabite, showed to Naomi as she returned to her homeland. These examples demonstrate ways in which God is using his people, like Naomi and David, to draw the nations to His glorious light and truth. David ruled the Gittites with equity and justice, which in turn caused them to show devotion to David as God’s anointed. Even in David’s humiliation, this devoted response shows David’s positive leadership over Israel. God intends for Abraham’s descendants to be a light to the nations, and under David’s care even former enemies become loyal. This great theme of God using his people as a light which draws the nations to Himself is prevalent from the first book of scripture to the last . Even in David’s failures God is gracious to accomplish his good purposes for the nations through this God-fearing but faulty man. May God use faulty people like us to draw the nations to Jesus.